“Life with Alexa” allows customers to experience Alexa in the context of an identifiable physical space — an abstract home design allows customers to see how seamlessly Alexa fits into their lives. Amazon Devices actived “Life with Alexa” through Convergence Fixture in Best Buy.

There are three distinct areas:
1) Entrance -
Customer’s walk through the front door and are able to experience home security experience when they are in or away from the home. This comes to life through highlighting Ring’s product capability and collaboration with Alexa.

2) Living Room -
Customer’s experience the full extent of entertainment with Alexa — sound, vision and content available at a simple voice command.

3) Kitchen Island - 

Customer’s gathering space and communication opportunity to Blue Shirts. This is where customer can pick up the product.
Brand Experience, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design

Creative Lead


Tuesday Oct 5 2021