The purpose of this document is to inform stakeholders, vendors, and partners around the CX2020 vision for Amazon’s offline indirect retail experience. This document provides key details on the strategy, modular fixture system, and content approach. 

By putting Alexa at the center of the experience and leaning into her personality, we create an engaging system that stands out and draws people in. Just like Alexa, we want to create interactions that are personable, relevant, and relatable.

Inspire at 10’
Create an approachable physical environment that attracts customers and takes them on a personalized path to purchase

Engage at 3’
Show (don’t tell) the benefits of ownership, engaging customers with unexpected voice solutions to illustrate what Alexa and our devices can bring to people’s lives

Educate at 1’
Address key barriers, explaining which devices are right, how easy it is to get started, and how to use them effectively
Brand Experience, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021