In celebration of Latin Grammy awards, we created a compelling and interactive environment that provided a swinging door for influencers and talent to immerse themselves into the Casa Buchanan's Speakeasy.

Experince highlights are:
1) Check-In at 'The Barbershop'
While barbers cutting people's hair, guests wereimmersed in learning about Buchanan’s history from James Buchanan himself. After being given an exclusive flask of the Buchanan Blend, guests were escorted into the secret Janitors Closet entrance that leads to entry into the bar.

2) Pesonalized cocktail experince
As guests entered the speakeasy, they were greeted with a unique photo moment to kick off the lively night ahead. This photo moment took the classic Casa Buchanan’s aesthetic and added in the flair from the 1920’s Speakeasy days. The cocktail experience featuring bartenders using barbershop tools to hand cut garnishes and straight razor carve ice.

3) Rio De Putumayo
This new Buchanan’s cocktail highlighted the rich cocoa and spice of the whiskey. Guests were amazed as they watched their cocktail cool running through the copper still steaming smoke.
Brand Experience, Graphic Design

Creative Lead

NVE Experience Agency

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