How do we bring serendipitous wonder into life?

When IT JUST IZ, it doesn’t fit into a box. It isn’t a musician or a student. A unicorn or a bro. Straight or gay. It can be all of the above — or none — and then some.

When IT JUST IZ, it’s a serendipitous experience that can’t be defined, but just feels right. It’s about playing, trying, recombining.

The most interesting people, places, experiences are the ones you can’t quite define. We bring serendipitous wonder to the over-constructed world of teens, by delivering experiences so wonderfully undefined and free from labels, that for those who get it, no explanation is necessary.

Sorta soda, sorta juice, sorta sparkling water.

Project Category
Brand Experience, Visual Design, Brand Strategy

Art Direction, Lead Designer in 2D/3D application

Tuesday Oct 5 2021