Specialized in Brand Experience Design, Della develops and designs the "bridge" between brands and customers, whether it's through physical experience (events, retail, product, packaging) or digital products (touch screen experience, screen development, content creation).

She started her career at PepsiCo Design and Innovation Center as part of Brand Experience Team with a goal to elevate customer experience. Notable projects were the 360 campaign design, brand activations, and branding for PepsiCo's sponsored sport events like UEFA Champions League, Super Bowl, and NBA All Star Weekend. She's also part of the team who created Brand Experiential Guideline for IZZE and Lemon Lemon.

Prior to Nestlé, she worked at Amazon where she developed the retail guideline for Amazon Devices like in-store experience, fixtures, touchbar experiences, and digital content. She led the creative work of "Alexa at Best Buy"; an immersive retail presence that allows customers to experience Alexa in the context of an identifiable physical space. Lastly, she also developed the first-ever touch screen experience for Amazon Devices' retail fixture.

Della appreciates uncertainty, always pushing new boundaries and strives to be a positive change agent in any organization. She sees value in her ability to create functional design and meaningful human experience that changes the way people think, feel, and do.

brand activation | design innovation | brand strategy | creative direction | product design | visual communication | UXUI Design | branding

Tuesday Oct 5 2021